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Rosa and Giovanni on Cilento and the land

The olive tree has defined the Cilento region in Italy for centuries and largely characterizes its immense natural landscape.
Not only, does the cultivation of olives represent a valued resource for many of the communities in the region, for generations they have written the history of this territory, dedicating their lives to the care and agriculture of this land. Ancient origins, vast landscapes and illustrious quotations do not do justice and simply do not fully captivate the beauty of the territory nor the rich history.
The thousands of hectares of land dedicated to olive trees has made cultivation a tradition and has made this area famous for the production of oil.
Century after century, from old school traditions, growing olives in Cilento is the activity that most characterizes this area.
“In Cilento, oil is not just oil. Oil is the earth; it is tradition and it is excellence.”

Rosa and Giovanni on family and tradition

In Cilento, the olive tree is not just a historical or geographical subject: it represents a cultural tradition of individuals, families and the community. Traditions have evolved over time, just as people of the Earth have evolved: olive growing has become a collective ritual. Every year the families of the territory unite, or rather reunite, and share a sacred moment for themselves: the olive harvest.

Rosa and Giovanni on feeling lucky to be from Cilento.

We grew up understanding the feelings of love, passion and union, which our families have handed down for over four generations.

“We grew up in complete harmony with nature.
We grew up cultivating olive trees.
We grew up picking olives.
Yes, we were and are lucky.”

What connects everything?

The oil.
The olio Brado unites and reunifies.
The olio Brado brings us together on the Earth and reunites us at the table.
This is how Olio Brado was conceived: Land, tradition and excellence.

Olio Brado
What is olio Brado?

With some effort, one can think of it as referring to an awareness, a concept or even a dream. In part, that is all true, but there is more.
The expression, “stato brado” in known and used to describe a 'wild state' by definition:
• to live outdoors
• to live free
• to live wild
Does this describe Olio Brado?
Olio Brado comes from the awareness of the potential of an extraordinary land.
Olio Brado embodies the concept of evoking cultural traditions.
Olio Brado is a dream: the excellence that brings together the Earth and reunites us at the table.
However, Olio Brado is much more.
Olio Brado is free and wild.
Olio Brado is the derivative of 'barbarian', which in ancient times had the meaning of wild and strong.
Olio Brado is perfection in its raw state.
Olio Brado is all of this.
Discover its distinct flavor and essence in two products: Brado and Brado 100 Ulivi.

Frantoio – The Instrument that Crushes

The author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in ''''The Little Prince'''' wrote, "The essential is invisible to the eye." The meaning of this phrase embodies the concept, what one cannot see well with the eyes, one can do with the heart. Olio Brado is something special: it warms the heart and opens the eyes. It is essential, like your favorite meal that you never get tired of eating. It is a joy for the eyes and a pleasure for the heart. It is perfection in its raw state. It is that product that enriches all your dishes. It is that product that lives for moments of warmth. It is that product that compliments your style. Brado is the oil an essential in the kitchen.

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The Product Line - Ulivi 100

Exclusive, refined, limited. Three words are needed to describe it. Something about the ULIVI 100 elite product line that will whet your appetite. We can say that the green-gold olive variety has a limited production. Mainly because these olives come from a family of 100 olive trees, ours for four generations. These particular olives pass from the wild to an elite product in just over 24 hours. The olives are harvested using ancient methods, "from the past", putting our production even more in contact with nature. We can say a lot of about our oils, and one thing is certain nothing is equal to taste. We will leave that to your discretion and care.

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